Allow Me To Re Introduce Myself

Well Hello Everyone!

Feels good and strange at the same time to be writing again after such a long time! To my followers from anaturellecraving, thank you for your patience and staying connected with me via social media etc. I’ve had so many people message me on instagram  checking if I was ok, I truly appreciate the love.

Where Have I Been?

For my new followers, well, a brief intro, I’m a natural hair and beauty enthusiast turned lifestyle blogger. Makes sense?  Basically I started a blog when I cut off my mid back length processed hair end of 2014 in order to track my natural hair growth. I was also into a lot of DIY beauty. Over the years my interests sort of changed or rather grew to include fashion, travel and more so I decided to take a break from blogging and just gather my thoughts and just decide what I really wanted to do.

Exciting Times Ahead

In the past couple of months I have done some behind the scenes work on the blog, as you can see I purchased my own domain name and graduated from ‘blogspot’ hahaha. Though the majority of my content will still include natural hair and beauty I will also incorporate fashion, travel and other content and so you can call me a lifestyle blogger.  You can expect a lot of collabs, reviews and so much exciting content!

Who missed me? Hahah. Let’s catch up in the comments section. I want to know what y’all have been getting up to.

Ruffle Top – Love Shop Pray

Photography –  SunkyOG

Love X Blessings,

82 thoughts on “Allow Me To Re Introduce Myself”

  1. You look amazing!! Love the ruffle top!! I want to buy my own domain and end my relationship with blogspot haha, but I don’t know where to start. Was it difficult?x


    1. Hahahahah plan for it and upgrade babe! Certainly will give your blog a more ‘pro’ look 🙂 It wasn’t difficult at all, well i did get prof help from my Web designer. I’d say do your research & go for it. XO

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