3 Ways To Attract Recruiters With Your Resume

How to attract recruiters with your resume

One of the most common ways to get a job is to attract recruiters with your resume. Recruiters are typically the first people to filter through resumes after the ATS has rejected unsuitable candidates (Find out more about applicant tracking systems). And so strive to impress them first.

Use the summary to attract recruiters with your resume

You should be able to tell your career story in less than 5 lines. Use the summary section to describe your professional history, current situation and future aspirations. One of the 4 resume must haves is skills, use this section to describe the most relevant skills to the job in question. I have read summaries that have nothing to do with the job and conflict the experience. Remember to edit your summary along with the experience as well before submitting.

Show relevance

The truth is before a recruiter actually reads your resume, they will skim through. And if they don’t see what they’re looking for they will close it and move on to the next. In order to capture a recruiters attention, include your most relevant tasks, and accomplishments first for each position then add in the rest. For example if you’re applying for a sales job in medical devices, indicate as the first point under the relevant experience that you worked under the medical devices division. Make it easy for the recruiter to match your experience to the requirements of the position.

Make it clear and coherent

Having an aesthetically pleasing resume that tells a clear story reflects on you as the applicant. Avoid spelling mistakes, unaligned fonts and a messy format. Unless you’re a graphic designer or in the creative space, try and stick to simple and basic styles. This will also help your resume be ATS friendlier and increase your chances. As a recruiter it’s to much work to spend time editing your resume and fixing errors you could have fixed if you had taken 5 minutes to read through.

Your resume is amongst the professional documents required during your job search process. It’s important to attract recruiters with your resume and stand a chance at getting to the interview stage.

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