3 ways to make your resume ATS friendly

When applying for a job online, make your resume ATS friendly. Chances are your resume goes through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before being seen by any recruiter or hiring manager. And so a good resume is both ATS friendly and attractive to capture the human eye. If you’ve submitted your resume and not getting responses don’t take it personal, you probably just need to make your resume ATS friendly.

Your resume is the passport to getting you that new job. Here are some ways to make it ATS friendly:

ATS Friendly Formatting

Use common fonts like Times New Roman and Arial, ATS likes boring! So stay away from profile pictures, graphs, symbols, icons, lines, tables and multiple colours. Also, stick to a smaller font size and don’t use hyperlinks. With regards to dates, keep them under 10 years as anything more can be brought up in your interview (if relevant).

Key Words

You should tailor resumes to specific jobs and include key words from the job description. When you submit your application, the ATS is searching for specific key words based on the job requirements. And if not a single one appears in your resume you’re automatically rejected. In addition, have the specific title you are applying for amongst the first few words on your resume. Your aim should be to mirror the language used in the job description. However in doing so keep in mind if you make it to the interview stage, you should be able to back up your claims.

Scan Your Resume

There are tools to scan a Job Description and your resume to get a score of how optimized your resume is. Use them! It’s better to spend more time editing your resume and making it compliant. So don’t quickly apply only to be rejected anyway.

An ATS can read and reject your resume within 5 seconds if not compliant. Make your resume ATS friendly and say no to being rejected by a software. If you need help with your resume, get help here.

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