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6 Things Successful Women Invest In


Ever look at successful women and wonder what is it they do differently, how do they juggle so many different things, what separates them from the rest? After studying a few of the women I look up to I’ve realised some similarities in the top things they invest in.


Knowledge is power and no-one can steal that away from you. Living on a really strict budget for 1 year whilst i saved up for my Masters was one of the greatest investments I’ve ever done for myself. There is nothing more empowering than being educated girls. No matter what you want to do or the type of business you want to run, you need some form of knowledge to sustain it.

Well Being

Look after your body now so that it can look after you in the future! You can make as much money as you want and afford all the fancy things in this life but you cannot enjoy them without good health.

Self Development

Never stop growing or evolving. You need to progress and cannot be the same person you were a year ago. Read, do research, attend master classes, do whatever you have to in order to adapt and stay relevant.


You’re a #girlboss (present or future). How do you plan on getting it together if you don’t plan or strategise your work or projects. Organise everything in your life to the last detail, it will keep you sane.

Resources/ Tools

It is ok to invest in tools that make your life easier. I’m sure you’re trying to juggle so much and there are different tools that have been designed to ease our hectic days. Get a scheduling App, virtual assistant, whatever will improve your business and make work easier for you, invest in it.


No-one is an island. You can’t do everything by yourself and call yourself successful. Invest time into networking and meeting people especially those in your niche. Trends are always changing, it’s of your best interest to keep up with what others are doing, more importantly to find a mentor and learn from them. If someone inspires you and you believe you can learn from them, take them for a cup of tea, do something.

Love X Blessings,


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