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I came up with a strategy and within 2 years, I got promoted twice and was a team manager at 25.


I am now making lists and learning to plan ahead and things are a bit more organised now. I had my head in a twist trying to stay afloat before but if it’s one thing I learnt from you it is to plan, plan, plan and make lists.

Rufaro, Malaysia

Your content is encouraging. I love the passion you have for greatness and encouraging me to work on the things I love. I feel motivated to go out there and find a job I love or just do something that can bring me income. You encourage me not to rely on men to provide my needs.

Rose, Hungary

I always look forward to your posts, emails and articles. Your content and tips are so much relatable to a 20 something year old trying to figure out life.

Muku, China
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