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LinkedIn is not only the most underrated social platform, but also the best platform if you’re trying UP YOUR CAREER.



As a recruiter I know exactly what hiring managers and recruiters are attracted to on a candidates profile.

If you set it up right, your LinkedIn profile will attract the right audience.


  • Position myself as an ideal candidate to get multiple interview requests from recruiters
  • Brand myself as an ideal candidate resulting in a career change
  • Land informational interviews in Canada whilst I was still in Malaysia
  • Networked my way into a job when I first arrived in Canada
  • Built long term professional relationships
  • Inbound clients to GlitsXGrace
  • Traffic to my YouTube channel

How can it be that you are actively sending applications and not successful but passive candidates are approached by recruiters, set up interviews and get hired?

If you’re not leveraging LinkedIn for your career you’ve gotten it all wrong. Get up from the side benches and letting opportunities pass you by, unlock strategic doors with LinkedIn strategies.

“LinkedIn works while you sleep”

I’m going to show you how and not hold anything back!

LinkedIn is the place to be in order to position yourself as a professional or thought leader in your industry and as the ideal candidate.

Join me for a LinkedIn Intensive Session:

  • 90min Zoom call
  • How to target the right audience
  • Insights on what recruiters are actually looking for
  • Importance of personal branding
  • Step-By-Step process to craft all the sections of your profile and get it to ‘All-Star’ status
  • What really matters on your profile
  • How to increase visibility
  • How to create LinkedIn content
  • How to network on LinkedIn

*Resume Critique & Interview Prep add on option available

LinkedIn is the best way to fast-track your visibility to build and secure your personal brand, business and career!

You’ll leave our sessions feeling confident, excited and prepared to get your dream job.


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