How to appear professional at work

HOW to appear professional at work

If you’re ambitious and trying to excel in your career, learn how to appear professional at work. Have you ever thought about what managers or colleagues say about you when you leave the room? Learning how to appear professional at work and improving your personal branding part of how you can elevate your career.

Dress well to appear more professional at work

Putting effort on your appearance, wearing clean and pressed clothes, makes you appear more confident and polished than someone who dragged themselves to work. Your dressing determines how people perceive you, it’s a part of your brand. If you struggle to pick out outfits daily, plan in advance for a week, and have your clothes ready each day before work.


Leave personal issues at home

The entire office does’t need to know that you and your partner are fighting. As much as possible, handle personal issues at home. If you have something to take care of be discreet or step out for a while. Emergencies happen, but don’t be the person who has issues everyone knows about.


Make the right friendships

Identify the influential people, those liked by management or always have inside scoops and fit into their circles. Let your name come up when theirs do. Networking works even at work, some associations will lead to you being overlooked and seen as average whilst some will elevate you.I shared more on work friendships here.


Be on time

This applies to everything, work, meetings, from lunch breaks etc. Being on time shoes that you respect people and their time, you’re organised and know how to manage your schedule. Once in a while stay back a little. This article adds on the benefits of being on time as a key to a successful career.


Ditch the gossip girl squad

No office is immune to gossip, there is always that person or those people who want to know everything about everyone. FYI if anyone gossips with you, chances are they gossip about you. If someone starts gossiping with you don’t entertain the conversation, switch the topic. Stay away from gossip, it’s not good for your future in the company.


Self control

To succeed in the corporate world, master and take control of your emotions. You can never control all situations but you have full control over your behaviour and responses. Always keep your cool, integrity and reputation.


Always remember that people don’t buy products or services, they buy people. And so even at work your managers are looking at your productivity yes, but also you as a person so strive to appear professional at work. For an in-depth mini study on appearing more professional check out the #PersonalBrandingKit resource here.

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