How to leverage LinkedIn to get a job

How to leverage LinkedIn for your job search

You need to learn how to leverage LinkedIn to get a job because most recruiters rely on it  to find suitable candidates for their various searches. LinkedIn has become a critical job search tool and is widely becoming popular as a screening tool too. Hiring managers glance at LinkedIn profiles just to check if your information is consistent with he resume. If you’re not leveraging LinkedIn in your job search strategy you’ve gotten it all wrong. The 3 tips below are the basic things you need to leverage LinkedIn to get a job.

Create your personal brand

What message is your LinkedIn profile sending about you, does it even exist? Looking at what you post or react to frequently provides employers with an idea of who you are. Don’t post and engage with posts that conflict with who you are trying to be because it will catch up with you. The next time you like or comment on a post, ask yourself, is this helping my personal brand? Use LinkedIn as a platform to tell your story.

Build your network

If you want to go far career wise, you need a strong network to drive, inspire and put you on. Connect with like-minded people in your niche, build relationships then wait for opportunities to arise. Engage with posts that resonate with you, this way your name appears on their connections pages and you increase your reach. Never forget that the best opportunities are not advertised, it’s all about who knows you.

Show your expertise

Figure out the area in your job you are passionate about, and start creating content around it. Sharing relevant content increases your visibility and credibility, resulting in more opportunities. For more technical roles, this is a great way to showcase your portfolio.

How can it be that you have applied for several jobs and aren’t successful at any but someone not actively looking is approached by a recruiter, gets an interview set up and gets an offer? It’s probably because they have a highly optimized LinkedIn profile. Your personal brand is your business, take control of it today. If you would like an audit of your LinkedIn profile click here and if you want to learn more about how to optimize your profile check this.

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