How To Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them (+ Free 30 Page Goal Setting Planner)


It is up to you to achieve your dreams in this world. If you want to make it, girl you have to show up for your dreams. Setting goals increases your focus and will motivate you to accomplish greatness. People close to me complain that I overanalyse and plan everything but if I may be honest I can tie back all my successes to that. Where there is no vision, people perish.

Understand your goals

What is it that truly motivates you? Before starting your goal setting exercise for the new year, I recommend you read this article – Finding Your One Word For The YearThis will help you come up with a clear understanding of what you truly desire and why.  Your goals cannot motivate you if you do not understand why or how you came about deciding on them.

Think about the life categories

There are various factors that influence our everyday lives and we need to put these into consideration when setting goals for the year. I believe every person needs to focus on these areas in order to be somewhat whole – Spirituality, Love Life, Family, Finances, Career, Self Care and Social.


Your goals have to be specific. This is something I’ve struggled with for some of my life categories such as finances. It isn’t enough to be general, you need to get specific on a deeper level. So instead of saying I want to get more sales or make a profit, this year I’m choosing to put a figure and say I want to make $500K. By putting a figure I’ll be able to come up with a detailed action plan of how I’ll achieve this rather than being vague.

You cannot determine if you’ve achieved your goal if it isn’t measurable and there is no timeline. Using the same example it’s not just enough to say I want to make $500K, I have to specify that I want to make $500K in 1 year. This way I’ll be able to break it down into quarterly goals and know when to review, so at the end of the first quarter I can review and see if I’m on track to making my $500K by the end of the year.

The point of setting goals is to have something to work towards and the end goal is to achieve it. Your goals should be bold and audacious but also attainable and realistic. If I don’t currently have any business or source of income it would be unrealistic of me to want to make $500K however if I already have a business and just need to find strategies to increase my sales then it becomes more realistic.

Write it down

When you write something down you’re reaffirming where you are headed and whatever changes you hope to make. Don’t keep those crazy ideas in your head, put them out there for the universe to see. Be creative about it, buy coloured pens, stickers and map out your year. I’ve made it easier for you by creating a 30 page workbook which breaks down goal setting to the different categories in our lives.


Don’t be so hard on yourself. Celebrate your success! The more motivation you set for yourself, the more you’ll achieve. So go ahead and celebrate the small milestones, celebrate when  you complete your goal setting process, celebrate when you achieve your goals.

Download your free goal setting workbook below.

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