How to stay focused on your goals whilst on vacation


There are two opinions regarding working on holiday, one that says a vacation should be a time to relax and stay away from work. I’m of the opposing school of thought that believes work never really stops, however you can plan it in such a way that you still travel and have  good time whilst working. In order for your plans for a working holiday to go well you need to have a good plan in place. You can’t just wake up from one part of the world and decide ok, let me do this today.


This is the most important aspect. It’s easy to think you’ll be away for a couple of days and it wouldn’t be a big deal to pick up the pieces when you get back. This is when you have to ask yourself – whats more important? You don’t want a holiday to propel you against your goals. You are better off spending 1-2 hours working on a holiday and making the most of the remaining hours enjoying yourself or relaxing in peace knowing that work is catered for and you are still bringing in income whilst away.

Set an out office signature on your email

You might not have direct access to your email 24/7, you’re on holiday it’s meant to be a time to relax and take some time away from work. And so set an out of office notification so that when stakeholders try reach you, they know you are away there would be a delayed reply. It is more professional and responsible than having people send you several emails, missed calls and you could potentially make customers unhappy and result in lost business.

Handover important tasks

There is no way you can handle all your daily tasks whilst away, and so it’s ok to delegate some of the important work that must be done to co-workers. There are several Apps and automation tools that can be used too. Do your research depending on your line of work and make use of these tools. Have a ‘must do’ list for yourself that you cannot delegate and that is what you’ll work on whilst away.


Block specific times

Scheduling is one of the key skills any successful career girl, blogger or business owner can master. Set aside specific times daily to attend to your work related tasks. I recommend early in the morning once you wake up so that you can spend the rest of the day relaxed.

Don’t miss out on activities and fun

You don’t want to be the one to spoil your friends or family vacation because you always have to pick a call or attend to work. Participate in your planned activities and have a good time. The vacation won’t help your work-life balance if you miss out on the good times and go back to the office your old grumpy self.

Utilise transit and flying time

Use the time on your flight or transit at airports to do some work. I used to be the most bored person during flights and hated transit time. These days I just pull out my tablet, and check what I can get done depending on my target lists. It helps me get work done and also makes it seem as if my travel time is shorter because I’m occupied. There isn’t anything wrong with watching a movie or relaxing but again, ask yourself – what’s more important? I’d rather spend my entire flying time working so that once I get to that island or wherever I’m going I can let loose and have fun.

Enjoy your vacation

We work hard and spend so much time hustling, trying make money, please our bosses etc. All this is pointless if we aren’t really living our best lives. If you have been keeping up with my blog and Instagram you will know my mantra for 2018 has been Life is happening now. Live! And I’m so grateful to God, that is what I’ve done this year.

Very often it is difficult to keep up with your goals and work towards them whilst on vacation. I hope these tips will help you figure it out. If you’re on a vacation you’re spending money, isn’t it better to make back that money or at least part of it whilst on that same vacation? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are, if you believe in a work free holiday or how you manage your tasks whilst away.

16 thoughts on “How to stay focused on your goals whilst on vacation”

  1. Hi Nicole, some very good tips here. Although I prefer to leave work at home if I’m away for a couple of days, I tend to do most of the above for longer trips, because I do not want to be up against it when I get back! I particularly like what you said about attending to tasks first thing in the morning, and working whilst waiting at airports. Thanks, and have a happy new year!


  2. These are good tips – especially the ones about using travel time to get things done – I think that’s a great use of time! 🙂

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂 It was a busy but fun one here as I hosted it this year for my family. We are still eating lots of delicious leftovers, haha! I’m starting to get back to blogging after my little break for a few days.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Thank you so much for the really great tips! I always go away on one big trip during the summer and find it hard to balance work and enjoying myself. Utilizing travel time is a really smart idea and setting aside specific times to work is something I’m going to start doing. I hope you have an amazing 2019!

    x Kara |

  4. Such a wonderful read indeed. It’s definitely hard to balance life and work. Vacation is there to help us keep our sanity. And though it’s possible to stay on track of your goals while on vacation, never forget why you’re having a vacation in the first place. Thanks for the good read dear.
    Jessica |

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