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I'm Nicole Nyasha!

My mission is to awaken the infinite potential within you to get the job you want vs. accepting what you’ve been given.

This is my story....

My first job was customer service in telecommunications and I hated it.

I strategized my way out and got promoted to trainer then a team manager within 2 years.


After being a team manager for a few years I was still unsatisfied.

I strategized my way out, made a career change to recruitment and negotiated to double my salary.


I loved recruitment but after a year I relocated from Malaysia to Canada.

I landed my ideal recruitment job within 2 weeks upon arrival through networking.


Now I use all my experience as a hiring manager and recruiter to help ambitious millennials land their dream jobs.

And here we are.....

God has not given me a spirit of fear, instead the beauty of the Lord is upon me and He establishes my works. It is God who has given me the power to be successful in my career and therefore nothing is impossible with Him.

If you’re unsure which path to take, scared of taking the risk, tired of sending your resume and interviewing but not getting anywhere, you’re in the right place.

My #GETHIRED programs are designed to set you free from limiting beliefs and position you for the win in your job search.

Professional Bio

Nicole Nyasha is a recruitment consultant and job search coach with recruitment experience from South-East Asia and now North America. She is a member of the Career Professionals Association of Canada and holds a Masters Degree in Business.

Over the past few years she went from being confused and unclear about her career to getting internal promotions, changing careers, negotiating salary increases and landing a job within 2 weeks of landing in a new country.

Working in recruitment opened her eyes to the struggles most candidates go through when job searching. And so she created the #GETHIRED job search resources and has helped hundreds of job seekers secure their dream jobs in various industries from startups to fortune 500 companies.

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