Privacy Policy (Legal)

All rights reserved. If you purchase any of my services or products and download my free content, you are legally bound by this contract.

Services Rendered

  • I shall carry out the service within the time frame agreed upon.
  • You can reschedule the coaching session with 24 hours prior notice, failure to do so will result in it being deemed you have taken the sessions and you will not be compensated. 
  • Sessions take place remotely via means agreed upon in advance. Additional charges may apply for face to face sessions.
  • The information I provide to you is not medical advice and not intended to take the place of a licensed health professional. Coaching is not a solution to mental health and does not replace mental health care.

Intellectual Property

  • All digital and printed products can be used for your personal use and not shared with third parties. 
  • No part of the publication may be reproduced without permission from the author (me).
  • Requests to the author should be addressed to the following email: 


  • I require full payment in advance for the products and services provided. 
  • I may agree to an instalment payment arrangement but supplementary fees will be applicable.
  • If you choose not to complete the sessions, I am not able to provide a refund due to the amount of work that goes into preparation for the individual sessions.

Your Personal Information

  • The information you provide to me will be used to provide you with personalised programs and process your payments.
  • All information you provide to me will be kept confidential, except when required by law.

Limit of liability

  • While I use my best efforts in preparing digital product and coaching programmes, I make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation. 
  • I am not legally responsible for any losses that were not foreseeable to me at the point the contract is formed or not caused on my part.
  • My total liability to you is limited to the amount of fees, if any paid for the services.
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