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Managing Afro Hair: Wash Day Routine for ‘Lazies’

When i did my big chop wash days were such a breeze, i mean there was’t much involved anyway, then the hair started growing and the problems began. I really could not stand wash days but time made me realise i didn’t have to religiously follow YouTuber’s but needed to find a method that worked for me and my busy schedule.

1. Detangling

This step starts with unravelling whatever hairstyle i have on. I then section my hair into 4, then make smaller sections within those 4 sections and detangle using the Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner. Please never attempt to detangle dry hair without any product on, that’s a recipe for breakage. I only use my fingers to gently remove any knots (combs are only allowed in my hair once a month and that is after finger detangling) and when i can smoothly run my fingers through the hair, detangling is complete.

ย 2. Cleanse

Whilst my hair is still in 4 sections i:

ย 1X week- cleanse my scalp and hair using an Apple Cider Vinegar and water mixture (1 part ACV & 3 parts water). ACV cleanses the hair without removing moisture however i don’t think its really clarifying hence i still use shampoo once a month.

1X month- gently massage my scalp using Himalaya Protein Shampoo to ensure its clean. I don’t apply shampoo directly to my hair to avoid stripping the moisture because my hair is dry however somehow it gets clean because either way some of the shampoo gets onto the hair.

ย 3. Deep Condition

I am super generous with my deep conditioner because i have dry hair and this treatment makes it softer and easy to manage. At the moment i alternate between Queen Helene and Creme of Nature. So with my hair still in 4 sections, i apply the treatment to each section then twist it back, wrap my hair with a plastic shower cap tie a scarf and sit under my steamer or heating cap. Using heat helps the conditioner penetrate into my hair shafts ensuring my hair is well moisturised. 30-45 minutes later i rinse it out with cold water. Cold water seals in the moisture, closes pores and minimises frizz.

ย 4. Drying

I have only applied direct heat to my hair twice since my big chop 3 years ago and my hair didn’t respond so well. So i dry my hair using an old t-shirt which i’ll keep on for about 10-15 minutes whilst i clean the bathroom (i clean my bathroom on hair wash days). After t-shirt drying, my hair is no longer soaking wet, so i apply a leave in conditioner (at the moment i am using QP Elasta Mango Butter and Cantu Shea) i redo the 4 twists in the sections and leave my hair for a while. Most times i’ll sit under the fan, get my phone and get some work done. My hair would be dry in 1hour max.

5. Moisturising and Styling

Still working in sections i use raw Shea butter or whatever hair moisturiser i am using and seal in the moisture with castor oil. I go through another round of detangling with my fingers first then with a wide tooth comb. I don’t wear my hair out so often because i am trying to retain length and reach a certain goal in 4 years. So after this step i will usually get cornrows to wear underneath my wig or in a few cases go to my stylist and get a extensions.

Thank You for reading! Please share how you keep your Afro clean. I’m sure i can always learn a thing or two on how to improve on my process.
Love X Blessings,


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