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Natural Hair Tag: My Story

My hair is officially 3 Years old now. I did my big chop in November 2014. It has been a roller coaster ride with happy and sad days. I have learnt a lot about my hair and about myself over the past years and I am excited about the many more natural hair days ahead.

I think answering a couple of questions about my hair would help you to understand my journey so far better. So here goes:

1. When did you start taking better care of your hair?

 Beginning of 2012. I came across a Zimbabwean blogger phrophro who had long hair and was on her hair journey and i was inspired to start taking care of my own relaxed hair better. My hair actually grew from around SL to MBL in 2 years. Yes my hair was MBL when i did my big chop and cut it all off.

2. What are your 2 favorite products?

Castor Oil & Peppermint Oil Mix for growth stimulation and  Cantu Leave In for moisture (yes i know those are 3 products but i really cannot separate them).

3. What is your ultimate goal length?

Waist Length.

4. How are you going to celebrate when you reach it?

Hahah take myself to a fine dining restaurant and order an expensive meal and a glass of champagne.

5. Which do you prefer. Health or Length?

Length. I know most people would opt for health. Don’t judge me.

6. Whats your favorite part of your hair regimen?

Deep conditioning. I like to think i’m getting a spa treatment (for my hair). Hahaha

7. What is the most annoying part of your hair regimen?

 I hate detangling. Ok maybe hate is too strong, dislike maybe.

8. Oils or butters?

Butters. I love how they are absorbed into my hair & it become softer.

9. Wig or weave?

I’m a wig girl!! All day, every day. Weaves aren’t friendly on my hairline.

10. What length do you consider long?

For natural hair i think APL+. Shrinkage is real y’all!

11. What is your opinion on growth aids?

 It depends. I’m all for growth oils/creams and even vitamins. However it is important to remember that hair growth is dependent on a combination of factors and hair practices not just a growth aid.

12. What is your take on hair salons?

If you find a hairstylist who is gentle and cares about your hair the same way you do then go for it. Else I would just advise to DIY at home. I have only been to a salon 3 times since my big chop and hated 2/3 of the experiences.

 13. Which product/ technique do you think is underrated?

The inversion method. I always get almost an inch of growth whenever I try it.

14. Which product/ technique do you think is overrated?

 The tangle teaser brush. I don’t comb or brush my hair so often; I think it causes unnecessary damage. I usually just run my fingers through. I do a good job detangling and always work my hair in sections and so that contributes to it remaining tamed.

15. What do you dislike about your hair?

SHRINKAGE!!!! Well just take a look at the pictures below. My hair is twice that length in reality but after a few rain showers it shrunk to that.

16. What advice would you give to someone starting their hair journey?

 Everyone’s journey is different, instead of comparing yourself to other people. Stay in your lane, do what works for you and enjoy your journey. Don’t splurge on hair products, spend within your means. Don’t forget to take pictures.

Major Shrinkage. The struggle is real.

Put my hair in water and this happens. On this particular day the rain decided to ruin my shoot.

Ok, that was long! Thank you for sticking around till the end. Do you have natural unrelaxed/ unprocessed hair? I challenge you to post your own version of this, oh and when you do please tag me on instagram so I can read your posts.

Over Sized Army Jacket – Fashion Junk Yard

Photography – SunkyOG

Love X Blessings

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