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Profession Documents

Resume, Cover Letter, Linked In
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Your CV is amongst the most important tools in your job search. Getting it right is a must!

An average job posting gets hundreds and for bigger companies even thousands of applicants. In order to stand a chance your resume has to make it through the applicant tracking system and then the recruiter who will filter before shortlisting a few profiles for the hiring manager.

Partner with a professional to draft your resume, cover letter & linked in profile.

Does this sound like you:

  • I just graduated, how can I get recruiters to notice me.
  • I want to change my career but I don’t know how.
  • I want to change my career but I don’t have the right tools.
  • I’ve been in my job for too long, I don’t know how to get back into the job market.
  • I’ve sent several CVs but no-one is calling me back.
  • I’m stuck in a job I hate.
If you're not leveraging Linked In you've got it all wrong

Relationships play a critical role in helping you achieve your career goals, Linked In is one of the best places to meet like minded profesionals who can get you ahead. Recruiters also spend most of their time on networking sites like Linked In sourcing for potential candidates to fill their positions, you want them to find you.


Nicole helped us realise we needed a LinkedIn page, she took the time to understand us as individuals, our business, what we do and who we serve. Upon payment, she set up our profile within a day and we have generated leads from the page. Nicole was a pleasure to work with and is an expert at what she does.

Tiina Media, South Africa

I've consulted Nicole twice when looking for new opportunities. I completely believe in consulting with the best and she always makes my CV and skills appear better. She has a way to make one bring out the best in themselves and I love that. I know I am a client for life.

Stella, Zambia

It has been a pleasure working with Nicole. She really helped me with my resume and most importantly finding a job that complements my experience. Thanks again Nicole.

Mike, Canada
I am your girl!

Stand out from other applicants and grab the hiring managers attention with a high impact CV, Cover Letter and Linked In profile.

Custom career documents you will get:

  • An ATS friendly resume
  • A cover letter
  • A customized Linked In profile
Life is happening now, live!

Let’s start building your career!

Resume Audit $80

Resume Writing $150

Resume & Cover Letter $200

LinkedIn $200

Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn $350

Excercises and emails sent to your email for 3 days!
Life is happening now, get on track with your career and live!