Career Vs. Love

From childhood we’ve been sold on waiting for our ‘prince charming’. The order has typically been graduation, marriage, kids and a successful career. I remember wanting to be married by 24, having 2 kids, a successful career all before turning 30 fast forward to today, I’m in my late twenties, not married and no kids either. Should I pause my career too because I haven’t found a husband?

Absolutely no way

Many of us want to get married and start families but if that hasn’t happened yet life should go on. As we grow older we realise we have passions and dreams. Start that business, climb that corporate ladder and be the best you can be whilst waiting.

You have a unique purpose

We all have a unique path, the world is waiting on you to unleash your greatness so there is no time to pause or slow down. You’re your own person and your partner should compliment and support you. Spend your ‘single’ years finding out your purpose.

Understand seasons

Enjoy your current season. Pursuing your career gives you the opportunity to make money, travel, shop and the freedom to do whatever you want with your money and time. Things happen at different times for different people, don’t compare yourself – life isn’t a competition.

Love yourself

YOU are important and matter. Invest in your personal development and become the best version of yourself. Pursuing your career or entrepreneurship goals will help you grow and become mature. You’ll learn problem solving, communication, teamwork and adaptability which will probably become useful later when you’re married.

Would you put your career on hold whilst waiting to find bae?

64 thoughts on “Career Vs. Love”

  1. For so long we have been told to do everything in the order you noted but we all have goals and purposes in life. Marriage can wait as I realize all of my dreams and goals. Mr charming will find me a fulfilled woman.

  2. I really like your point about loving yourself; particularly your advice about investing in personal development! I love this red leopard print blouse on you by the way babe! x

  3. I love your thoughts, i too think it’s important to put your self first and get yourself where you wanna be. It is something that gives you a foundation to building a family of your own later on. Keep blessing us Nicole!

  4. You’re so very right – learning to love ourselves is key to our well-being and happiness, not to mention that we need to get comfortable in our own skin and how to take care of ourselves before we can be a good partner to someone else. There’s no rush – take your time. You look gorgeous, by the way. That top is wonderful!


  5. I think it sucks how much women are indoctrinated with we should be required to have a husband and children when I personally don’t want any of those things. Maybe one day I will want to have a partner, but I don’t see myself ever wanting children and I just turned 32 a few days ago.

    I think that it’s okay to want those things, it just because we feel like we are required to have them in order to be a woman and it sucks.

    Loved this blog, and the photos of you are beautiful.

  6. I did once and never again, I need to focus on me and the woman i want to be before i put bae first and he will understand if he is the one for me.

  7. This post is so amazing. I spent my life dreaming of a perfect marriage, now I am getting a divorce and the happiest I have been in a very long time. I now realise that pursuing my dreams and doing what I love is what I should have pursued and focus on. However no regrets I tried and I have two gorgeous children that made it all worth it. Now I am focus on myself and goals and loving every minute. Great post babe xoxo Cris

  8. I remember being young and thinking I’d be married by 25 at the latest with children. Now I’m almost in my 30s and I couldn’t see myself getting married any time soon or having kids. I’m too focused on building my career.


  9. Women shouldn’t pause their careers for a man. We can do it all – and it is good that we keep pushing ourselves to be self-sustainable as well. Honestly, I like buying my own handbags, hehe. Thanks for sharing the inspo!

    Nancy β™₯

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