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I’m available to speak and facilitate trainings based on the following topics:

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Easily the most important aspect of the job search process. The way a candidate presents and positions themself determines whether or not they get hired! In my personal branding sessions I discuss the strategies job seekers can implement to be successful in their job search with a major focus on LinkedIn.

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I go over the different types of career documents which consist of Success Stories, Resume, Cover Letter, Suitability Map and Letter of Recommendation. Then I teach attendees how to create and use them.

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An interview is a meeting between two parties (the employer & candidate) to discuss a potential business relationship.  I share proven interview success strategies that attendees can immediately implement to position themselves to get hired.

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If you’re looking for an experienced career professional who has been on both sides (hiring & wanting to be hired) and who loves Jesus to challenge your audience and ignite the spark to building their dream careers, I’m your girl.

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