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Sunday Evening Routine For The Career Girl

What’s a better way to start a new week than to get everything sorted and planned out on Sunday? My Sunday evening routine starts around 8pm and I’m usually in bed by 10pm or 11pm. Below are some of the things I do to ensure I am well prepared for a new week.

Change/ Clean my handbag

My job requires me to meet people outside of the office a lot, sometimes I take them for lunch or tea and so I accumulate a lot of junk by the time the week ends in the form of receipts etc. On Sunday evenings, I like going through my bag and throwing away whatever ‘junk’ there is and also change to a different bag. I have a little theory in my head that using the same bag over and over causes damage in the form of scratches etc, so it’s always good to switch them every 2-3 weeks.

Plan outfits for the week

I value my sleep and every single minute counts. I would rather plan all my week’s outfits on Sunday in order to get a couple extra minutes of sleep every morning. I have a separate clothing rack I use to organise all my outfits and shoes for the week, handbags too if I really need a change. Another advantage is having visibility of what has been worn recently so as not to repeat clothes so often.

Self reflect and plan

This is really important. Every week I set goals to achieve, both work related and personal. On Sunday evenings I go through my planner and check what is completed, what needs to be carried over to the following week and set new targets for each day of the new week. This way I don’t waste time trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing.

Prepare my hair for the week

I usually wear wigs to work and might occasionally tie my natural hair in a bun. If I’m going to wear a wig I make sure my hair is prepped by moisturising and braiding it, allowing the wig to fit well. Again this is something I’d hate to start dealing with every morning, so I just ensure it’s done on Sunday night.

Clear phone chats/ gallery

If you follow me on Instagram you would have obviously seen how much I love taking pictures. By the time we get to the weekend I have so many unnecessary images and videos filling up my storage and so on Sunday evening before sleeping I go through my phone deleting images and chats. This clears up space in my phone and if there is anything i might have forgotten to do I’d remember (I take a lot of screenshots as reminders for tasks!).

Cup of tea

Obviously It’s not a perfect end to the day without me having a good cup of tea. I’ll usually have my cup of tea whilst sitting in bed and checking my phone. Chamomile is really relaxing and is helpful if you’re trying to sleep.

What is your Sunday evening routine like?


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