Taking Stock: 2018

As the year ends I’ve heard and seen a lot of people around me talking about setting goals for 2019. While thats a great idea, what’s equally important is thinking about this year, what went right, what you’re thankful for and the lessons learnt. In this post I’m sharing an ‘open’ diary or a 2018 ‘stock take’ of some of the areas of my life. I encourage you to find about an hour and just go back over the months reflecting. Doing this little exercise gave me an idea of where I am now in relation to where I want to be and will help me in my 2019 goal setting process.


Not were I hoped to be honestly. I didn’t even get to accomplish half the things I wanted to, I’ve had to rebrand myself a couple of times but I’m happy that I’ve finally figured out what I’m passionate about and that’s giving #career and #bossbabe advice and some natural hair tips here and there. I think, hahahaha! I’m happy that I have actually been consistent for 3 months in a row. Yeah claps for self. For the first time since i started blogging, this year I actually made ‘real’ money and and started growing my Instagram audience as well. Be sure to follow me if you’re not already doing so.


This year I made an effort to interact with the majority of my family members on a personal level, I’m proud of myself for that. I’ve been slowly patching up the relationship with my dad too and have learn’t that when you fix your ‘daddy’ issues your relationship issues automatically straighten themselves out too. One of my favourite moments was ordering bouquets of flowers on Mothers day and having them delivered to my mum and her sisters, it was priceless to see their faces when I video called them and just how happy they were.


God knows I really live for the day I’ll get this right. Not completely proud of my progress this year but I did try. I’ve been consistently attending one church and instead of just minding my business as you all know I love doing, this year I got out of my comfort zone, met and interacted with people. I took part in charity work and decorated our children’s church. I’m the kind of girl that will dedicate the first day of each month to prayer and fasting and I did that a couple of months however I’m super proud that this year for the first time ever I completed an Esther fast. For my non- Christian friends that basically means I went for 3 days and 3 nights without eating whilst praying for something – I felt so fulfilled! I also started attending night vigils on Thursday evenings and this has made my prayer life so much stronger. Overall what I’ve learnt from my spiritual journey this year is if you can take control and be disciplined in your spirit you can be disciplined in every other area of your life.


It’s been so fulfilling to watch my girls be elevated in different areas of their lives this year- Β in business, career, a graduation, wedding engagements and a pregnancy! I’m so glad to have a tribe of women around me who are ‘go-getters’ and not afraid to go after what they want and encourage me along the way. On the downside I’ve also had to experience the bitter truth that sometimes people just want to be associated with me because of my name and what they stand to benefit from but their motives aren’t really for my good. I’ve also learn’t that sometimes people will befriend you until you start doing better than them, it hurts but its ok. Oh and I’ve also learnt that a friend of my friend is not necessarily my friend.


My financial situation has been so confusing this year. Even though my monthly income doubled from last year, I had so many projects I’ve been working on and it just feels like money is in my account today and the next moment I have to pay for this or for that. I’m not complaining though, next year this time I’ll be enjoying the return on my investment. My goal is to have at least 1 years worth of my salary as my savings by the time I’m 30, at the moment my savings are only worth about 4 times my monthly salary but no pressure, I know a lot of my money this year went into an investment and I’m still very young – it’ll be a few years before I get to 30. Hahahah! Taking blogging seriously also opened up new streams of income for Β me this year which makes me really happy because I plan on leaving the corporate life once I’m married and have kids and focus on completely monetizing my blog. It’s been interesting to learn that I can make a significant amount of additional income without focusing much and thinking about how much more I can make if I actually put in real effort. This year I also tithed every single month without fail and I do believe it attributes to my continued financial success.


I made a career change at the start of this year, from sales into recruitment and I’m so thankful to God for that. Recruitment is something I had never thought of until I was approached by my current employer to join them. I went through several rounds of interviews plus a presentation and to be honest I wasn’t so sure I would get the job, the expectations were just too high. God came through and today I’m proud to be an employee of one of the world’s largest recruitment company. In the past year I’ve gained new skills that are going to help me in my upcoming venture (yes, stay tuned). My job has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with Directors and CEOs of established organisations and taken my confidence to a whole new level.

Self Development

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts for a while you’ll know I believe in self development. Your knowledge is your power, no-one can take that away from you. I didn’t manage to read much, in fact I’m embarrassed to admit that this year I’ve only read one book. However I enrolled in a Digital Marketing and Social Media Management course that I’m hoping to complete soon. I attended various master classes on wealth mastery, mindset, took a class in coding and website design. I think you all know I’m passionate about my natural hair, so this year I also decided to study the science of hair and looking forward to testing out different things I’ve learnt and maybe by next year I might just be releasing a books.

I know that was much longer and a little more personal than my usual posts but I just want to show you that people are not perfect. We don’t all have it together, and that’s ok. I’m curious to know some of your 2018 highlights, let me know in the comments.

These pictures are from a mini vacation earlier this year @Tanjong Jara Resort in Terengganu, Malaysia

66 thoughts on “Taking Stock: 2018”

  1. What a wonderful year you have had! I totally agree with reflecting back to see what when well and what needs improvement on. What a beautiful daughter you are getting flowers for, not only your Mum for Mothers day but her sisters too! So lovely! I wish you a wonderful 2019! xx

  2. I love the looks of every one of the outfits in the photos above – they all look extremely pretty, fashionable and very attractive, and the locale looks beautiful as well.

    1. Thanks Jessica πŸ™‚ I had to remove some aspects like my love life, health etc because they were too personal hahahah but yea generally i did make progress.

  3. Awesome Nicole getter better is what is ahead of you Selfdevelopment is definitely the start.Thanks for sharing awesome post keep its going 2019 is only gonna get better

  4. youve had an amazing year and thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey. its been great seeing you succeed in all aspects of your life..2019 is not ready for you..lol

  5. My highlight was definitely weight loss..not yet reached my goal weight, but I am still on it and learning more on eating healthy

  6. This is beautiful… I am so inspired by your determination in blogging. Funny enough I was working on creating my own blog yesterday… Not yet set up everything but you are an inspiration. I will keep you posted when I have it all up. Enjoy the rest of your year and a blessed 2019 β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

  7. One thing is for sure, this year has certainly brought you plenty of lovely travel! I hope this upcoming year will be even better for you than this one has been πŸ™‚

    aglassofice.com x

  8. Your holiday looked amazing! Great way to look back and reflect on your year too! It’s good that you have been able to continue with your blogging so regularly! I hope all the good habits you have can continue into next year πŸ™‚

    Hope that you are having a great week πŸ™‚ It’s feeling like summer here, we are in the middle of a heatwave!

    Away From The Blue Blog | Handbag Gift Guide

    1. Girl they better continue into 2018! I have the first quarter posts drafted out already so should be ok hopefully. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend. Xo

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