Ten Things I Stopped Spending on To Save Money

We are constantly spending more than we make on ‘unnecessary’ materialistic things because of societal pressure, which I blame on social media. Everyone is trying to be an Instagram model and ultimately spending money they don’t have. I was brought up knowing that I only spend what I have and live within my means. I like certain luxuries and so over the years I have found different ways of reducing my expenses to generate more income for what I love. Below are ten things I stopped spending on to save money.

Buying meals

I stopped eating out frequently and cook at home instead. I never go out for lunch during weekdays unless it is a team outing at work, instead I bring my own lunch. I plan my meals and buy groceries for the week over the weekend so that during the week I’m not making unplanned purchases. When setting my monthly budget I set aside an amount for ‘outings’ and that is what I spend if I go out with friends on weekends.

Coffee and tea

This is one of the biggest ‘silent’ major expenses for most people. That $3-$5 you’re spending every morning on coffee is adding up to about $1000 a year. I don’t drink coffee, I’m a tea girl but I don’t buy it every morning. We have a variety of free teas (and coffee too) at work so I just make use of that, and then keep a variety at home too for when I want a change. If you must have coffee, you’re better off investing in a coffee maker and making your coffee at home instead of buying.

Cable TV, phone plan and broadband plan

I don’t need a cable tv plan, I watch all my favourite shows on the internet. Thank God for smart tv’s you can easily stream programmes on your tv! If you don’t really need it try and go without cable tv and use the internet instead. Believe it or not but I am subscribed to the cheapest mobile and broadband plans available, way below $100 for both combined. I need a phone for basic functions- calls, texts, data- and need home broadband to connect my devices and browse the internet so the very basic plans from my service provider work perfectly.

Gym membership

Is it really necessary to spend $50-$100 to go to the gym once or twice a week for an hour? Unless you go regularly I suggest you deactivate your gym membership until you are ready to be more consistent, again this is something I’ve seen people do just for the social hype. I choose to walk to and from work daily and workout from home to stay fit. I’ve invested in a yoga mat, dumbbells and use free youtube tutorials to work out at home.

Make up

The only make up item I wear is mascara and maybe lipstick on a special occasion, I own one mascara and 2 lipsticks (which I replace when finished). When I look at my friends who wear heavy make up I realise just how much I save monthly on my simple and minimalist look. For those of you who wear make up, I suggest buying drugstore brands rather than high end brands, from what I’ve heard they pretty much work the same to some extent. You can also substitute certain products for example, using coconut oil (which is multipurpose and will last you longer) as a make up remover.

Hair treatments and extensions

I have natural unprocessed hair and have learnt to style it on my own rather than visiting the salon. I don’t think anyone else can be as gentle as I am with my hair and honestly prefer caring for it alone. You can save so much money by investing in a hair steamer and treating your hair at home rather than visiting the salon every 2 weeks. Over the years, I’ve also mastered how to make wigs and now have a collection so do not really need to spend money on extensions unless I really want to.

Designer items

It’s nice to have two or three fancy purses but do you really need to have every latest trend? I don’t think so. I will buy a good pair of designer jeans because they are premium quality and will last years but I’m okay buying my dresses and blouses in high street fashion brands and thrifting. I only buy designer jewelry, perfumes and staple items that can need to last long and can style with basic clothing, I try to strike a balance.

ATM charges

Plan how much cash you need to use in advance and withdraw it at once instead of using the ATM every 3 days and incurring unnecessary charges for that. I have gone cashless and only pay electronically, I only keep coins because I need them to operate the washing machine and dryer in my building.

Monthly subscription boxes

It’s exciting to receive a package with fancy products at the beginning of every month but one of the things I’ve stopped spending on is subscription boxes. I wash my hair once a week but my conditioner still lasts me months. It is unrealistic to use up all the products within 4 weeks and before you know it you’ll have an entire cabinet full of products, that is an unnecessary expense.

Cleaning supplies

As much as I am simplistic in other forms such as my look, make up etc I need my home to have a luxurious feel including the way my cleaning supplies look. Instead of spending on expensive brands every month, I purchased fancy bottles and then buy refillable dishwashing soap etc. I buy multipurpose cleaners so that I can use the same product to clean my entire apartment rather than buying ‘room specific’ products. There are so many alternatives too for example, instead of buying a vegetable wash I add a little bit of vinegar or soda to water and clean my vegetables with that, soda and vinegar are multipurpose and I can use them in many other ways.

I know this was a long post but these are practical things I have stopped spending money on and have managed to save hundreds of dollars monthly.

Stay positive always,

26 thoughts on “Ten Things I Stopped Spending on To Save Money”

  1. I know I saved so much money when I started to cook (figured out how to cook) because before I started vegan over two years ago I literally ate fast food all the time and got pizza delivery one a week sometimes two times. So, when I started cooking for myself not only did that help with money, I felt better physically and mentally since I was not eating fast food every day. I think that is good for me since I know I don’t/didn’t have much self-control and there aren’t but a few vegan options at all at fast food or restaurants in my area so that was helpful to me.

    I am just lucky that have never been someone who buys coffee or tea like that, I have my tea bags and coffee at home, I’ve seen a lot of people spend so much at dunkin donuts or starbucks like almost daily, and I cringe at the money they spend, starbucks is definitely an every once in a while thing.

    It’s crazy that cable, phone companies haven’t gotten with the times tbh in general.

    I love home workouts (when I actually do them), I have some DVDs that I really like. I did have a treadmill but I sold it, I couldn’t use it anymore after my knee injury anyways. I think the gym which I did use when I was younger and when I was in the navy wasn’t a place that I liked to be, especially as someone overweight.

    I got lucky on the makeup and hair front, I rarely wear makeup and only have a few pieces, and hair is something I trim at home. Designer items is not something I have a lot of either, I think that is why I follow some fashion blogs so that if I see something I want to incorporate I just find a cheap version of that like at walmart or target.

    I like having cash, but something I have always done is go to the grocery store and got cash back, because I don’t have to go out of the way, and I already am going to the grocery store.

    I think subscription boxes has been something I have never really liked, but I have done two of them one was a Japanese candy box and the other was a vegan snack box, at different times of course. I think the vegan snack box was something that was really helpful when I had it and I got to try a million of different things and figure out what I liked but now it’s not necessary and the Japanese candy box was because I missed Japan but I kept getting the same things a lot and it wasn’t a lot of the stuff I loved or remembered that much from there.

    1. Thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment Tiffany! I’ve actually never thought of vegan snack boxes, I’m currently transitioning to a vegetarian diet.. it’s been 3 months now and I’m constantly hungry but I’ve learnt to make my own snacks, nuts etc 🙂

  2. These are great saving tips. Coffee and tea on to go can really add up. Making it at home is a good option. Gym membership is also not a must, I actually prefer working out at home.

  3. I really need to go back to cooking more, I spend way too much eating out. Also, I like that I don’t drink coffee or tea because people tell me how much they spend on it often and it’s so crazy to me! Props to you for saving money on all these things, I still have so much to work on!


  4. these are such great tips! I save a lot of money when I take my lunch to work, and we rarely eat out – as a family of 4 it can get expensive! It’s easier and cheaper to make meals at home. We do like to go out for special occasions but they aren’t regular.

    I do disagree with the designer items bit though – as I love my bags and I’m always trying to find more room in the budget for a bit of a splurge, haha!

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂


    1. Hahahah women and their handbags.. well I also like to splurge on certain things and so if you like A trying to find a way to save on B-Z so you have more money for A is pretty reasonable too 🙂

  5. Great tips dear, especially the gym membership. Most of us don’t need a lot of stuff to get fit. A morning, a yoga mat, a couple of dummbbells or kettlebells can be enough. Also, expenses for monthly subscription boxes can definitely pile up.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. That is what I have been doing and it’s actually working for me. No need to spend money on gym membership unless you are a workout fanatic and need to.

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