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The Four Type of Work Friends You Should Have

Friendship is important in the workplace. Between working hard, managing busy schedules, meetings, dealing with  unpleasant coworkers, having fiends is one of the best ways to remain sane. There are different types of friends one can have in the workplace and these will either make or break you.

The other victim

Having a fellow co-worker go through the same hardships you are facing at work is such a relief!  It’s not that you’re happy someone else is ‘suffering’ but more so the comfort of knowing you aren’t the only one dealing with that situation. There are so many issues that come with a corporate job or even entrepreneurship- grumpy bosses, last minute projects, missed deadlines etc. It makes all the difference knowing someone else is going through it with you. Imagine having to explain your work ‘problems’ to your family or a friend, they might sympathise with you but have no idea what you are going through. That fellow coworker or victim however is your best bet at ‘emotional comfort’.

The bitch

We all need that one person that can stand up to everyone else, coworkers and even bosses. This is the person who will fight for the entire team if something is wrong, they are not afraid to speak out and are good at getting ‘results’. You need that sarcastic friend who can be mean (towards your common enemy). People like this make the workplace happier and a better place to be.

The role model

 A mentor will help you deal with situations proactively rather than be passive. This has to be someone more experience at the job, successful, transparent and you must share some chemistry. A role model at work should help you feel more secure by guiding you along the right path. You can approach them regarding work and personal issues and they’ll be happy and able to assist.

The gossip buddy

Everyone needs a lunch or ‘smoke break’ partner. It is so therapeutic to have someone you can get away from work with and just take break. We spend about 40 hours at work and so it should be a happy and safe place were we build ‘life-long’ relationships.  Your gossip buddy will be the person you can complain to about whats happening in the office with full trust and confidence that it stays between the two of you.
Having these four groups of friends has kept me sane and made my working days much more fun. Do you have your own version of the office friends types? Or am I a little insane?


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