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The Keys To A Successful Career & Business

I am not the most successful person but I do believe I have accomplished and attained some things that qualify for me to categorise myself as successful (remember you set and define your own rules!). Throughout my career and entrepreneurship journey there are a couple of things I have done that consistently result in either progress or better results.

Purposeful networking

In the corporate world, knowledge is your power and the best way to get recent, current information is networking. It’s important to stay updated with industry trends , get inspired and you do that through meeting people. In addition to taking courses and reading the next best way to develop yourself is to interact with people who are or have been were you are trying to be. Networking also gets you ahead because the opportunities that present themselves before you are likely dependent on who you know and interact with. If you’re an introvert like me, learn how to network better here.

Be bold

Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t just stick to your job description, be the pretty and well dressed girl that comes up with initiatives and suggestions for your company (or department). If you want to be successful, learn to say no when required, challenge the status quo- respectfully of course. It doesn’t really look good on you to be the girl who clocks in and clocks out. Arrive to work early and occasionally stay back late – show the management that you are dedicated and not just after a ‘pay cheque’. Basically, do the most! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I stay back once or twice a week because I’m in a new market and trying to level up!

Ask for help

There is nothing wrong with saying I don’t know, asking for help symbolises strength and courage. We are not robots and cannot do everything alone so it is important that you know your limit and learn how to speak out when the going gets tough. If you’re unsure about a process, ask someone rather than being proud then end up making mistakes hence the important of workplace relationships. Everyone should read this article about workplace friendships, they really make all the difference in our work life.

Manage your time

Your employer is paying you to be productive and if your self-employed your daily sustenance is dependent on your productivity. Be strategic when planning your calendar and prioritise activities that lead to the results you want. I’m very traditional in the way I do things and like writing my tasks on a paper, so I print out my outlook calendar and then tick off and add tasks manually with a pen and this helps me stay on track with important tasks.

Be grateful

This is the most important and effective tool. Be grateful that you have a job or business, something to do for an income. There are people out there who are unemployed and dependent on aid from people like you and I. Think about your family and friends, there are definitely people who look at you and wish they had what you have. Quit complaining about having to wake up early, stay back at work till late, sucking up to a horrible boss, annoying co-workers, the list is endless.. and start being grateful. Send out good vibes and you’ll get good vibes back. Remember your attitude determines your altitude.

Stay positive always!


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