Wardrobe Essentials For The Corporate Girl

If you thought appearance doesn’t count in the workplace, think again. The quality of your work might be the most important thing but your appearance also leaves an immediate impression on your colleagues, including your management as well as external stakeholders. You might feel like dressing well is only to “impress” the people around you but it certainly isn’t. Whether in a work environment or not, the way we all dress is not only a representation of ourselves but also of our mindset. Check out a study carried out by Professor Pine on this subject here.  In this article we are discussing the wardrobe essentials for the corporate girl.

Corporate dressing basics

Lately we don’t have specific dress codes for work but it is always good practice to look presentable and boost ones confidence for the office. To make it easy for you to be professionally dressed, here are a few staple pieces you can always count on;

-Pencil skirt
-White button-down shirt/blouse
-Black blazer
-A pair of slacks in a neutral colour
-A sheath dress
-A comfortable pair of heels

Don’t forget your accessories

Besides the clothes, certain accessories will also help you bring your outfit together and make it stand out despite being basic. If you don’t want to spend much on clothes, you should definitely spend a little on your accessories because good quality ones will last you a lifetime and you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth out of them. Some  accessories you can invest in are;

-A structured handbag
(something big enough to carry your laptop)
-A watch
-Dainty jewelry

From corporate to casual

If you plan out your wardrobe and combine your clothes with the right accessories and combine your time management skills, discipline and constantly achieve your targets, it won’t be long till you get a promotion and you have to attend celebratory dinners after work. Sometimes you may want to meet friends for drinks after work, removing your blazer will instantly make you look more relaxed and ready to let loose. Switching it up from a nude lip to a bold red or any other vibrant colour will transform your entire look.

Styling your hair

When it comes to hair, in the corporate world it is good to have it tied up or just swept away from your face but when it comes to the evening, let the hair loose for a feel of fun and relaxation. We should all feel comfortable to wear our hair in its natural straight (course, coils or straight).

Ultimately, remember to stay presentable while letting your individuality shine through. What are some things you think are important for the corporate wardrobe? Let’s discuss in the comments.

This article was written by guest blogger, Vanessa. She is the face behind vchilimanzi.com who describes herself as a vibrant, stylish and fashionable introvert. You can connect with her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @vchilimanzi.

54 thoughts on “Wardrobe Essentials For The Corporate Girl”

  1. I dress very formally in my work place ( I work as a teacher in a state school) because there is a dress code, and I can say that your guidelines are spot on. A few good pairs of dark pencils pants and skirts are a must. A nice blazer always comes in handy. Accessories are perfect for adding some personality into our work place/ formal style choices.

    You look fantastic.

  2. Such great corporate style inspiration! I agree with investing in a good handbag for work, but I always think they are a worthy splurge, haha!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend 🙂 Saturday was a little busy for me but Sunday was much more relaxing 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I adore the neutral tones in all of your suggestions here; such fabulous styling tips!

    aglassofice.com x

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