Why you shouldn’t settle in your career

Why you should not settle in your career

The average millennial is unhappy at work and that shouldn’t be. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t settle in your career. It has become so easy to settle in your career, life happens, you get a job and become comfortable, you get a better paying job etc.


Surprisingly, a common reason you might be settling in your career is not knowing what you truly want, your purpose. When you’re unsure about your purpose you’ll settle for anything. And though that job might pay your bills and help you get by, you’re depriving yourself of reaching your full potential.


Here is what happens when you don’t know your purpose and settle in your career:


Settling steals your happiness

You’ll only find true happiness in your career when you walk in your purpose and in a job aligned to that. Your relationships, finances and other areas of your life might be flourishing but if you’re still wondering why you aren’t feeling fulfilled, think about your career. Are you truly happy?


Settling is robbing your future

Whatever you do and are not doing today affects your tomorrow. If you want average, settle and continue in an unfulfilling job. But in order for you to be great, make the effort to discover your purpose and pursue it.


Settling makes you miss better opportunities

When you stay in a place of confusion and uncertainty you lose out on offers that could have been. Pursuing a career that is purpose driven increases your productivity and chances of success resulting in better opportunities. If you love what you do you’re more driven to develop yourself and flourish.


Settling lowers your self-esteem

Many people put on masks and looking happy but they are the opposite on the inside. We all deserve to be in careers  we love, that grow and develop us. When you settle for a job outside of your purpose, you lose your skill, passion and drive.


It’s never too late to get aligned with your purpose and get into that career you want. Check out the #PurposeDiscoveryKit here and here. Take back control of your life, figure out what you truly want to do and get into your dream career. It’s only when you discover your purpose that you find true fulfillment.

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