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Craft Your Professional Profile


What message is your LinkedIn profile sending about you, does it even exist? Your personal brand is your business, take control of it today!

As a recruiter I spend most of my day hunting for talented and ‘high quality’ candidates for my ‘high profile’ clients. Recruiters use key-word searches to identify passive candidates and convince them that their clients have better jobs.

How can it be that you have applied for several of jobs and aren’t successful at any but someone not actively looking is approached by a recruiter, gets an interview set up and gets an offer? It’s probably because they have a highly optimized LinkedIn profile.

“You too are a brand. Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not.” -Marc Ecko

LinkedIn is a great tool if used right. In this 20-page workbook, I guide you step-by-step to build a killer LinkedIn profile that will get views and action from recruiters and hiring managers. More powerful is that by completing this exercise, you will learn more about yourself and potential skills you overlooked in the past.

Everyone has something of value to offer prospective employers, everyone can get their dream job

This workbook offers:

  • An introduction to LinkedIn
  • Understand the value as a job search, branding and networking tool
  • Step by step guide on setting up and the key areas to focus on
  • Identifying your technical and soft skills
  • Mastering keywords
  • Connections and how to send personalized invites
  • What content to post and how to post
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Dos and Don’ts

Nicole helped us realise we needed a LinkedIn page, she took the time to understand us as individuals, our business, what we do and who we serve. Upon payment, she set up our profile within a day and we have generated leads from the page. Nicole was a pleasure to work with and is an expert at what she does.

Tiina Media, South Africa

I've consulted Nicole twice when looking for new opportunities. I completely believe in consulting with the best and she always makes my CV and skills appear better. She has a way to make one bring out the best in themselves and I love that. I know I am a client for life.

Stella, Zambia

Internal promotions are tricky but Nicole helped me sell myself. I got the promotion!!! I’ve worked with different career consultants but Nicole is knowledgeable, personable and committed to helping me reach my goals. I’m glad we connected and look forward to working with her again for my next move.

Elizabeth, Canada
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