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Take Back Control


3 out 4 millennial are unhappy with their careers and one of the biggest causes is they don’t really know who they are or what their purpose is.

Knowing who you are will give you peace of mind and stronger convictions resulting in more effective decision making and a happier, more fulfilled life. You will experience more success doing work you are passionate about.

Life is too short not to go after your big goals.

The first step to smashing these goals is figuring out what your purpose is, what it is you truly want to do and will bring you fulfillment. You can be anything and achieve immense success in life but it starts with being clear on what it is you want.

“If you don’t know your history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree” -Michael Crichton

Getting through this 20+ page ebook and worksheet will take a conscious effort but as a result you will gain a deeper understanding of what makes you tick, how you relate to the world, what you truly value, your strengths, weaknesses and your triggers. The people that inspire you and motivate you to do better. The tasks and jobs you love. After successfully completing this exercise your confidence in your purpose and abilities will increase and you will begin to focus on aligning with your dreams and stop settling for less.

Through this assessment, I will help you get deeper insights and understanding into:

  • Who you are (including a personal SWOT analysis)
  • What your habits are
  • Your personal branding
  • What others think of you
  • How you can serve
  • Who you admire
  • Who you want to be
  • Who you are going to be

Nicole helped us realise we needed a LinkedIn page, she took the time to understand us as individuals, our business, what we do and who we serve. Upon payment, she set up our profile within a day and we have generated leads from the page. Nicole was a pleasure to work with and is an expert at what she does.

Tiina Media, South Africa

I've consulted Nicole twice when looking for new opportunities. I completely believe in consulting with the best and she always makes my CV and skills appear better. She has a way to make one bring out the best in themselves and I love that. I know I am a client for life.

Stella, Zambia

Internal promotions are tricky but Nicole helped me sell myself. I got the promotion!!! I’ve worked with different career consultants but Nicole is knowledgeable, personable and committed to helping me reach my goals. I’m glad we connected and look forward to working with her again for my next move.

Elizabeth, Canada
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